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 Leon Hunt – The Banjo Columns
A brand new collection of banjo columns first published in Acoustic Magazine

Leon’s grown-up musical philosophy will guide you into what it means to be a mature musician. He’ll show you how to contribute to a band sound rather than detract from it. He’ll explain in short order how bends work, or why Ralph Stanley sounds different, or modal thinking.

This book is the result of all Leon Hunt’s listening, learning, experimenting, and hard work – and we gain the benefit. Index

Ron Block (Alison Krauss & Union Station)

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On The Outside Looking Out: 5-String Banjo Beyond Bluegrass



The 5-string banjo is about as American as apple pie. This poses something of a conundrum for those who love the instrument, but don’t wish to be confined to bluegrass music. This set is intended to help anyone who wants to take their banjo playing to new exciting places.

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Banjo Solos – Farewell Blues (Remembering Earl Scruggs)

    • Honey You Don’t Know my Mindntet_front
    • Foggy Mountain Special
    • Little Maggie
    • Deep River Blues
    • 99 Years (and One Dark Day)
    • Randy Lynn Rag
    • Little Cabin Home on the Hill
    • Pike County Breakdown
    • Tongue Tied Jill
    • Salty Dog Blues
    • Old Home Place
    • Farewell Blues

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