Recording Studio



The Brown Ratio is a small (but perfectly formed) recording studio in Bath, England. Divided into three rooms, the walls are carefully positioned to accommodate musicians in each room while still retaining an all-important line of sight. With well set up headphone mixes, it’s easy to achieve the feel of a comfortable and relaxed live performance with all the subsequent flexibility of an individually ‘multitracked’ session – no need to worry about the odd alteration here and there, the combination of good sound isolation and the Pro Tools recording and editing platform makes it easy to repair or replace as much or as little of your original performance as you’d like.

If it’s a ‘roomier’ sound you’re looking for, there are also audio tie-lines (and a video link) up to the house, where you can take advantage of a couple of nice sounding larger rooms with wooden floors.

Collaborations and overdubs with studios and clients worldwide are also easily achieved thanks to a fast fibre-optic Internet connection and an industry standard recording platform.

To discuss your project, whether it be a single overdub or full production email me here


Mac Pro / Pro Tools 10 / Universal Audio Apollo interface (allowing for real-time processing). Large selection of plugins including Waves, McDSP, UA, SSL, Melodyne.

Mic amps:control room

2 x Telefunken V72
2 x Neve 1272
2 x Pendulum SPS-1
2 x TL PA-1 Dual Pentode
2 x Tusk customs
8 x Focusrite



Condenser Mics:booth

Neumann U87
Neumann KM84
AKG 414
Calrec CM10 x 3
Calrec CM26
Shure SM81
Shure C1000
Oktava C012 (matched pair)




Yamaha NS10