The Fairfield Banjo Company

Neither hampered by convention, nor trying to re-invent the wheel: The Fairfield is a ‘common sense’ approach to creating the best sounding and most playable new ‘Mastertone style’ banjo money can buy, no expense spared (or wasted).

The first batch of (six) banjos were sold in 2011. Since then production has been ‘on hold’, in preparation for our new CNC manufacturing methods. Whilst the initial instruments were all hand carved ‘masterpieces’, it quickly became obvious that in order to achieve the unparalleled level of playability, tone and consistency we were striving for, we needed to embrace the same modern techniques now widely accepted in the upper echelons of the guitar industry. Don’t for a minute confuse these CNC carved instruments with mass-produced, factory ones. Far from it, the Fairfield banjos will still be hand-built instruments, albeit with the benefit of CAD’s unyielding attention to detail.